School of Music

Music Programs

The School of Music is comprised of several music programs designed for students at a variety of ability levels. Instruction is currently offered in piano, voice and string instruments.

School of Music faculty and staff are committed to promoting the personal growth of each individual student as well as developing their musical ability.

Core Program

The SVSS School of Music Core Program is geared to intermediate and advanced students who show a high aptitude for music learning and performance. Instruction takes place during two semesters from September through April and includes private lessons and group classes. Ensemble and group classes meet weekly at Wood River High School and the Community Campus in Hailey. Classes include a comprehensive music curriculum of master classes, ensemble rehearsals, chamber music, group techniques classes, recitals and music history and theory. All group and ensemble classes listed above are tuition free. Contact the Education Office for a complete schedule of classes and private lessons.

Private, Semi-Private or Group Lessons

Private lessons are an integral part of the music education program offered by the School of Music. Students in the Core Program are required to take weekly private lessons. Lesson times are determined by the instructor and are 30, 45 or 60 minutes in length depending on the student's ability level and individual needs. Students in the developmental programs may participate in semi-private or group lessons. Financial aid is available.

Developmental Programs

The School of Music offers developmental programs in both strings and voice. These programs vary in length and format and are designed to help prepare students for admission into the Core Program. A nominal registration fee is charged and costume fees may apply for the vocal ensemble.

Developmental String Program

Students may participate in semi-private or group lessons, small ensembles or the Middle School Honor Orchestra.

This program is intended for students in grades 4-8 who are currently studying their instrument and are interested in improving their skills while working in small, age appropriate groups with students of similar ability. Regular attendance is expected.

Developmental Voice Program (Melodia)

Voice students in grades 6-8 may take part in the Melodia ensemble group geared toward developing young voices. The ensemble meets weekly after school. Contact the SVSS Education office for more information.

Developmental Orchestra Program (Sinfonia)

Sinfonia, formerly the Middle School Honor Orchestra, is intended for students in grades 6-9 who have been studying their instrument in their school’s orchestra program or privately and are looking for an extra challenge.  This program is intended to prepare students for the Advanced Chamber Orchestra or entrance into the School of Music Core Program.  Teacher recommendation is required.  Contact your school music teacher or the SVSS Education office for more information.

Outreach Programs

Outreach program includes high school vocal ensemlbes and the Advanced Chamber Orchestra and elementary school string program. These groups are taught by School of Music faculty with the cooperation and assistance of the school music teachers. As these outreach programs are run in conjunction with the Blaine County School District, no fees are charged for the classes and students may qualify for an elective credit through Wood River High School.

High School Vocal Ensembles

The B-Tones men's ensemble and Enchanté women's ensemble are taught by R. L. Rowsey and meet two days per week before school (zero hour) each week at Wood River High School. High school elective credit is available to qualified students. Contact Wood River High School vocal music director Max Stimac, or the SVSS Education Office for more information.

Advanced Chamber Orchestra

The Advanced Chamber Orchestra was added to the Outreach Program fall semester 2011.  This course is required for all School of Music core program students and is now open by audition to any student in the high school orchestra.  The Chamber Orchestra is conducted by School of Music cello/bass instructor, Arturo Chavez and meets two days per week either before school (zero hour) or directly after school (eighth hour). Contact Wood River High School orchestra teacher, Rebecca Martin, or the SVSS Education Office for more information.

Elementary String Program

Elementary school students in 4th and 5th grade are eligible for participation in this program. No prior string experience is necessary. Students may study violin, viola or cello. Group classes are taught by Dr. Jennifer Sullivan, Arturo Chavez and Rebecca Martin. Contact your elementary school music teacher or the SVSS Education Office for more information.

Classroom Outreach

School of Music faculty also work closely with local school music teachers to assist them in the classroom. School of Music faculty members go into music classes on a regular basis each week to work with the instructors or with individual students as needed. They also use this time to help identify students who would benefit from additional study in their chosen music discipline.